USA Senior Care Network’s Program is for existing policyholders of USA SCN’s Medicare Supplement carrier clients.  This program is not for applicants seeking Medicare Supplement insurance.  Need to purchase a Medicare Supplement policy? - Refer to the CMS website link http://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions/medigap-home.aspxto find carriers in your area, including USA SCN’s clients that offer Medicare Supplement insurance.



For existing Medicare Supplement policyholders with coverage through a USA Senior Care Network contracted insurance company, the next time you require a hospital admission, contact USA Senior Care Network's Customer Care Department (800) 872-3860 to identify participating hospitals in your area. You may also find a listing of USA Senior Care Network's participating hospitals by going to your carrier's website. Check your ID card for your carrier's website address. Please be aware that USA SCN regularly adds new participating hospitals. Rarely does a hospital leave our network. However, the best way to determine whether a particular hospital is participating when you are ready for a hospital inpatient confinement is to contact USA Senior Care Network at (800) 872-3860.



Contact USA Senior Care Network for more information.


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