Product Information

USA SENIOR CARE NETWORK’s product portfolio consists of the following:


USA Medigap Claims and Premium Reduction Network(USA MEDIGAP CPR®)

Medicare Supplement Facilities Network

USA MEDIGAP CPR ® includes over 1,300 credentialed hospital and medical facility locations that have contracted with USA Senior Care Network to provide services on a discounted basis (Part A deductible waivers) to the Medicare Supplement clients and customers of USA Senior Care Network.  The network is designed to lower the cost of Medicare Supplement insurance and helps put a lid on future rate increases.  It is the largest Medicare Supplement network in the country, with its executive corporate office in Austin, Texas.



USA Medicare Select

Medicare Select Facilities Network


USA Senior Care Network has entered into agreements to provide a national Medicare Select Network consisting of over 1,600 facility locations.  Select providers have been carefully chosen and fully credentialed.  Medicare Select carriers can offer their insured members extensive network coverage through the use of USA Senior Care’s Network, the largest Medicare Select network in the country.



USA Professional Provider Negotiations

Exhaustion Claims Negotiation Service - Austin Resolutions


USA Senior Care Network also provides cost containment services through medical claims negotiations provided by affiliate, Austin Resolutions based in Austin, Texas. Austin Resolutions specializes in Medicare Exhaustion claims negotiations further reducing a Medicare Supplement carrier’s claims exposure.  Austin Resolutions’ experience spans all 50 states and internationally.


For more information, contact USA Senior Care Network by e-mail at or by telephone at (800) 872-0820.


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