USA Senior Care Network

USA Senior Care Network brings together Medicare Supplement Insurance Carriers and quality Healthcare Facilities in a nationwide network for Medicare Supplement policyholders. Our innovative network benefits everyone by managing costs, keeping premiums affordable for a growing senior population, and channeling MedSupp policyholders to participating hospitals. Thousands of credentialed hospitals and other medical facilities have contracted with USA SCN to gain patient volume and revenue on inpatient and outpatient procedures and services.

Since its launch, USA SCN has grown to serve more than 120 carrier clients representing over 70% of all Medicare Supplement policyholders. The company has been the recipient of 7 awards for innovative solutions and holds a patent on its one-of-a-kind network. It is the largest Medicare Supplement network in the country, with executive corporate office in Austin, Texas.

USA Managed Care Organization (USA MCO) is the largest, most comprehensive, privately-held Preferred Provider Organization in America. Through esteemed panels of preferred providers, ancillary products and specialty services covering the full continuum of care, USA MCO offers innovative alternatives to traditional group health and workers’ compensation medical benefits. With a distinct freedom of choice flexibility and a 100% user-friendly platform, USA MCO affords sound solutions through a portfolio of integrated options that are uniquely client driven; focused on the seamless blend of quality care and cost containment.


We are proud of the work that USA Senior Care Network does to help control the cost of Medicare Supplement Premiums for America’s seniors. By bringing together Med Supp carriers and medical facilities we have managed to contain a portion of the costs associated with in-patient care in a way that benefits all stakeholders. The opportunity to help senior citizens maintain access to affordable, high-quality healthcare is immensely satisfying.”

Robert Thurner

Executive Vice President
Million Medicare Supplement Policyholders