National Healthcare Alliance

USA SCN has a nationwide network of insurance carriers that offer Medicare Supplement policies to Medicare recipients. This Network offers several benefits to Hospitals that participate in USA Senior Care Network.

USA SCN Medicare Supplement Network:

Medicare Supplement (Med Supp) policies are intended to cover everything that is not covered by traditional fee-for-service Medicare including co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles. Because Med Supp policies have a monthly premium, policyholders differ demographically from those with Medicare Advantage or traditional Medicare. Med Supp policyholders are generally healthier and more affluent, and they are attracted to Med Supp because it provides certainty in coverage with no unexpected or unanticipated charges.1 This makes Med Supp inpatient admissions very attractive to hospitals.

Some of the benefits to hospitals participating in our network include:

Increased Volume
Our carrier clients provide incentives for their Medicare Supplement policyholders to seek inpatient care at participating facilities. Additionally, policyholders benefit from the cost controls through reduced annual increases in monthly premiums.

Simplified Admissions & Reduced Denials
The admission of Med Supp policyholders does not require prior authorizations or pre-certifications beyond the typical Medicare requirements. This significantly reduces the time and expense associated with denials and appeals. Patients have the freedom to choose physicians and hospitals for their care without the hassle of going through a gatekeeper.

Eliminates Bad Debt
Every patient that is incentivized to use your hospital through our program has complete supplemental coverage for all claims. This includes patient responsibility payments for lengthy admissions, all outpatient co-payments, and coverage for exhausted accounts.

Increased Revenue for IP, OP and Physicians
Revenue gains are not limited to inpatient care. Our customer care team also refers patients to physicians with privileges at our participating hospitals. Additionally, independently conducted research has shown that Med Supp policyholders who experience an inpatient admission will end up generating outpatient revenue approximately eight times the amount of the Part A Deductible within the 12 months following the admission.

Improved Outcomes
Based on a recent study by CSG Actuarial (download from CSG Actuarial), Medicare supplement policyholders are healthier than their Medicare Advantage counterparts – On average, they also have higher incomes which can in turn lead to greater access to medication, transportation, and stable living situations, all key indicators of strong population health.

Are you a policyholder looking to locate a Hospital?

Policyholders of USA SCN Medicare Supplement Clients (insured persons) can locate in-network hospitals by calling our US-based representatives at (800) 872-3860, M-F 8 am- 5:30 pm CT (excluding holidays). Or click here, to fill out our Policyholder form.


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