Strategies for Effectively Attracting, Serving and Retaining Traditional Medicare Patients

USA Senior Care Network brings together Medicare Supplement Insurance carriers and quality healthcare facilities in a nationwide network for Medicare Supplement policyholders. Our innovative network benefits everyone by managing costs, keeping premiums affordable for a growing senior population, and channeling these Medigap policyholders to participating hospitals. Thousands of credentialed hospitals and other medical facilities have contracted with USA Senior Care Network to gain patient volume and revenue on inpatient and outpatient procedures and services.

Some of the benefits to hospitals participating in our network include:

  • Increased Patient Volume
  • Simplified Admissions & Reduced Denials
  • Reduced Bad Debt
  • Increase Revenue for IP, OP, and Physicians

Click here to view Becker’s “Strategies for effectively attracting, serving and retaining Traditional Medicare patients”

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's)

Our clients’ seniors appreciate having a network “home” through our contracted hospitals. By expanding their access to providers associated with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), it allows our clients’ policyholders to continue to receive quality healthcare and adds Medigap covered lives to the ACO.