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10.5 Million Policyholders

ACOs must have at least 5,000 Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiaries assigned to them in each benchmark year to be eligible for participation in the Shared Savings Program. USA Senior Care Network has 10.5 million policyholders with traditional Medicare plus a Medicare Supplement policy in its program nationally.

USA Senior Care Medigap Program
Participation in USA Senior Care Facility Network can potentially increase membership in ACO’s. The providers and facilities receive 100% of Medicare and facilities discount the Part A deductible on applicable inpatient admissions. Facilities will never discount the Part B deductible and can see an increase in revenue by participating in the USA Senior Care Network.

USA Seniors Care members are Medicare Supplement policy holders and participation in Hospital owned ACO’s can mean keeping their annual premium rates more affordable.

USA Senior Care Network seniors lessen the risk for ACOs and help to improve outcome scores as seniors with traditional Medicare with a Medicare Supplement policy are a healthier population compared to Medicare Advantage seniors (per CSG Actuarial Annual Market Projections 2020).

How do ACOs benefit patients?

The benefits of ACOs are numerous and there are many stakeholders who obtain advantages from this model of care. The patient community gains a wide number of advantages including improved outcomes, better quality of care, greater engagement with providers, and an overall reduction in out-of-pocket costs. USA Senior Care Medicare Supplement insurance company clients can help channel their policy holders to network facilities in ACOs improving the quality outcomes for ACO’s.

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